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A building contractor of the highest quality, working throughout the South Coast for turn key housing, Commercial developments and refurbishment projects.


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Propertyze have finished 3 contracts for us so far this year and i can confidently say with the pride and professionalism that they display in there work, i would highly recommend them for any line of work. They completed a side extension for us which was previously a conservatory and now we have two tenants occupying the ensuite. Through there tremendous work in march we offered them a block of 4 flats all for new kitchens to be fitted and they were ripped out, rewired and fitted in a short period of time of 2 weeks. The main aspect that makes Propertyze a solid business is the fact they cover every aspect of construction so there was no need for us to source separate entity electricians, plumbers, plasters and paint and decoraters. I would highly recommend.
Amelia Brown
Amelia Brown CEO
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